“For Wales?”

When I was a young Catholic schoolboy, my class read Robert Bolt’s play A Man for All Seasons. It is a great play and subsequent movie. One scene has stayed with me all these many years. Sir Thomas More refuses to condone or object to King Henry VIII’s many divorces. He confronts Richard Rich.

Richard Rich, in the service of Thomas Cromwell, who has replaced More as lord chancellor, bears false witness against Thomas More in court, bringing a judgment of death by beheading against him. It is clear to everyone that Rich is perjuring himself.

Sir Thomas More quips: “For Wales? Why Richard, it profit a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world … but for Wales!” because Rich accepted the position of Attorney-General for Wales.

He sold his eternal soul for a political position. Lindsey Graham (Lady G) is South Carolina’s Richard Rich.

His political opponent, Jaime Harrison, called Lindsey out during their first debate.

During the debate, Harrison highlighted how Graham had refused to meet, consider, or vote against former President Barack Obama‘s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland nine months ahead of the 2016 election, but now is pushing to confirm a nominee days before the November 3 election.

Senator, you said ‘use my words against me,'” the Democratic challenger said, pointing to remarks made by Graham in 2016 when he was asked about the issue. “Your promise was that no judicial nominee should be approved during the last year of an election. … How good is your word?” he asked.

For Wales, Lindsey?  Really?