Death Penalty


It is considered the death penalty for nursing homes. Losing Medicare funding for violations of the rules. Most nursing homes cannot survive without tax payer funding. A Kansas nursing home recently lost its federal Medicare funding after an investigation confirmed systemic issues and faulty practices. Specifically, poor infection control led to widespread coronavirus infection and, at least, 10 deaths.

CMS’ onsite investigation at Andbe Home, Inc. revealed serious noncompliance with federal requirements for long-term care facilities.  Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services cited “widespread immediate jeopardy” to resident health and safety. The facility’s administrator received a notice of a 23-day involuntary termination of the Medicare provider agreement:

We have determined that Andbe Home, Inc. no longer meets the requirements for participation as a skilled nursing facility in the Medicare program under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act.”

CMS only fined the facility with a $14,860 federal civil money penalty.

Infection Control

Staff identified two symptomatic patients on Oct. 5 and confirmed positive test results two days later but refused or failed to separate them from the rest of the residents. The facility even allowed communal dining for two days after they discovered the symptomatic patients.

“During this time, COVID-19 positive residents cohorted with COVID-19 negative residents, with only a curtain between them, against guidelines and best practice to prevent the spread of highly contagious COVID-19.”  

These failures ultimately exposed all 61 residents to the deadly virus. Every single one tested positive. By Oct. 19, 37 staff members also tested positive. The facility actually had a detailed plan for potential coronavirus infection, but failed to follow it.