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The Guardians

By: Staff, Source: CBCOriginally Published: June 2018

THE GUARDIANS is a revealing investigative documentary set in Las Vegas that exposes allegations of corruption within the Nevada Guardianship and Family Court system.  The film shines a light on a lucrative business that drains seniors’ life-savings. Victims and their families are caught in a scheme that has allowed corrupt court-appointed guardians to take total control over individuals’ healthcare and financial decisions.

The Baby Boomer generation has reached senior citizen status and over the coming years, it is estimated that they will bequeath more than 45 trillion dollars. An unprecedented shift of wealth will pass from one generation to the next; with this shift comes the temptation and opportunity for appalling greed and cold-hearted abuse.  The Guardians documents the stories of a group of senior citizens and their families as they fight to free themselves from unwanted court-appointed guardians.

Lily Tomlin, William Shatner, Cloris Leachman help you plan for retirement and against hippos

By: Jeremy Belanger, Source: Yahoo TV, Originally Published: 6.4.18

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver got help from such acting legends as Lily Tomlin, William Shatner, Rita Moreno, Fred Willard, and Cloris Leachman to help baby boomers learn about the dangers of getting older.

In a fake public service announcement, the senior celebrities warned the aging baby-boomer population that they’ll need to get their affairs in order soon. Who knows? You may be killed by a hippo tomorrow. Leachman pointed out, “Oh, you think they’re cute. They’re f***ing killing machines.”

Each actor hilariously expounded on the dangers of hippos but then returned to the business of selecting a guardian to make financial and health care decisions. And they all selected the same guardian, “America’s dad,” Tom Hanks. Sadly, Willard would have preferred Jimmy Stewart.

The group ended the piece with a reminder of just how dangerous hippos are and repeated, “F*** hippos.”