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Kinder Morgan CEO to be deposed in Belton leak case

By: Mike Eads, Source: Independent Mail, Originally Published: 12.21.16

GREENVILLE – A federal judge ruled Wednesday that Kinder Morgan CEO Ron McClain can be deposed for a lawsuit that alleges his company ruined several hundred acres near Belton with a 2014 gasoline leak from its Plantation Pipe Line.

U.S. District Court Judge Henry Herlong said attorney Gary Poliakoff could question McClain as part of the lawsuit he has brought on behalf of Eric and Scott Lewis against the Houston-based pipeline operator regarding the December 2014 leak. State officials and environmental watchdog groups have said that more than 369,000 gallons of fuel spilled into the soil and groundwater on and around the Lewises’ 350-plus-acre farm northwest of Belton, near the Cheddar community.

At the preliminary hearing Wednesday in Herlong’s court in downtown Greenville, Poliakoff argued that McClain was a party to several communications with federal regulators regarding pipeline maintenance and other issues related to the Plantation line.

The Economic and Societal Impact of Motor Vehicle Crashes, 2010 (Revised)

The DOT and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have released a study on motor vehicle crashes. The following is an excerpt from the introduction.

In 2010, there were 32,999 people killed, 3.9 million were injured, and 24 million vehicles were damaged in motor vehicle crashes in the United States. The economic costs of these crashes totaled $242 billion. Included in these losses are lost productivity, medical costs, legal and court costs, emergency service costs (EMS), insurance administration costs, congestion costs, property damage, and workplace losses. The $242 billion cost of motor vehicle crashes represents the equivalent of $784 for each of the 308.7 million people living in the United States, and 1.6 percent of the $14.96 trillion real Gross Domestic Product for 2010.

Read the full report here.