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Source: Public Justice, Originally published on 1.13.16

A coalition of animal protection, consumer rights, food safety, and whistleblower protection groups is challenging a North Carolina law designed to deter whistleblowers and undercover investigators from publicizing information about corporate misconduct. Public Justice is representing all of the groups in the coalition.

Under the law, organizations and journalists who conduct undercover investigations, and individuals who expose improper or criminal conduct by North Carolina employers, are susceptible to suit and substantial damages if they make such evidence available to the public or the press.

According to the complaint filed today, the law’s purpose is to punish those “who set out to investigate employers and property owners’ conduct because they believe there is value in exposing employers’ and property owners’ unethical or illegal behavior to the disinfecting sunlight of public scrutiny.”

Pickens County adds MRR parent company to coal ash countersuit

By: Ron Barnett, Greenville Online

Originally published: March 16, 2016

Pickens County has filed a third-party complaint in the coal ash lawsuit, adding MRR Southern, LLC, the parent company of MRR Pickens, as a defendant in the case, according to court documents.

Also, Circuit Judge Robin Stilwell, who denied MRR Pickens’ motion for a temporary injunction against the county, dismissed the company’s motion that he reconsider. He said the company had “mischaracterized” his ruling.

Where's the Best Place To Put Coal Ash?

By: Ron Sobczak, Sierra Club Upstate March 2016 Bulletin

You may have read about the proposed coal ash landfill in Pickens. Coal ash is the generic term referring to several very distinct materials produced when we combust coal to produce electricity. We need places to safely store the huge amounts of coal ash generated from coal power plants. The proposed landfill in Pickens was originally developed as a Class 2 landfill to store construction and demolition (C&D) waste and other nonhazardous waste. Coal ash which contains toxic heavy metals such as lead and arsenic needs to be stored in a Class 3 landfill following Coal Ash Rules, with protection for groundwater, limitations on dust, leachate management, a synthetic liner and a public website posting information about the site.