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Unanswered emergency call costs nursing home $850K

From South Carolina Lawyer’s Weekly, 9.9.13:

Amber Nimocks,

The estate of a woman who bled to death in the night at an assisted living facility earlier this summer reached a settlement worth $850,000 on claims of negligence and wrongful death.

Plaintiff’s attorney Gary Poliakoff said that Kathleen Brown, a resident of Windsor House Assisted Living and a dialysis patient, had a shunt in her arm and began to bleed from it. She pressed the emergency call button in her room many times, leaving it covered in bloody hand-prints, but died before anyone responded to the call.

Hold your nose over dump ruling

Posted: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 12:01 a.m.

If you, like thousands of people in South Carolina, live near a smelly landfill, it just got more difficult to get compensation when your life is disrupted by unpleasant odors wafting your way.

The S.C. Supreme Court recently ruled that, while a company can be found guilty of trespassing when it produces dust or water that is transmitted to other people’s property, odors don’t count as trespassing. That includes hog farms, too.